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who we are

Follow us into the future. We're in this together! All of our dearest members join in a network to make the strongest team the world has ever seen.

We provide advance Ecommerce and Business Process Outsourcing solutions for small and large companies. We work with a broad range companies in various industries, we providing services ranging from image processing, video bumping for Company profile and product advertising, CCTV and networking, also Web Design and Software Development.

INDESC offers all our clients our commitment to quality and efficient service. We use only the latest methodologies and are continuously researching newer and more efficient ways to implement in our processes, because our goal is to provide services in cheaper rates with accuracy and perfection with the human logic.

INDESC is a dynamic business entity independent. Our foundation is based on the belief that helping other businesses succeed will allow ourselves to succeed. Our efficiency and effectiveness will be our building block to further enhance our organization.

Our vision is inspired by Napoleon Hill: “You can succeed best and quickest by helping others around you to succeed”.
INDESC provide a complete service that can be customized to the needs of the home, small, medium and large. Our mission is to become a one-stop solution for your Information Technology needs.
INDESC Consulting is comprised of only top level talents. We believe that having a sound organizational structure and acquiring the right talent is key to a successful business relationship with our clients. Pending prequalification for each respective position, all INDESC employees are also trained in the area of logical and critical thinking. Every project is also assigned to a dedicated project manager, who will manage all aspects of your project. Any issues with your project is directed to this one point of contact, simplifying the communication process. Have peace of mind knowing your projects are in good hands with INDESC.